The objectives of the Parent-Teacher-Student Organization of INGOMAR MIDDLE SCHOOL  shall be: 

a. To promote the general welfare and foster a positive, nurturing environment for youth in the home, school, and community;

b. To serve as an advocate to promote the care and protection of our youth;

c. To provide a forum for parents, educators and students to cooperate collectively in the educational process for our youth; or

d. To develop a closer relationship among the parents, educators and students through communication and ongoing information exchange, in order to secure for all of our youth, the highest advantages in physical, mental, and social education; and

e. To provide financial support in accordance with the budget approved by the organization.


Congratulations to our new 23/24 Executive Board!

Falesha Hollins - President

Amy Hoelke - Vice President

Jamie Lopez - Secretary

Kim Woo - Treasurer

Christina Sturzinger - Communications Officer

Julie Stimmel - Technology Officer

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